Improving Productivity and Keeping Documents Organized

MissingDoc is a documentation management website designed to improve the workflow of credentialing and productivity of a dental team.


Before officially declaring the product/ux designer career route as my future, I took on various day jobs outside of design while designing at night. In the last 6 years, I spent my time working at a private dental practice leading a team of multilingual (English, Chinese, Mandarin, Fujianese, Taishanese) front desk and billing staff across 3 locations.

The Problem

Throughout my tenure at the dental practice, I wore many hats spanning across front desk duties to assisting the owners with practice management and applied design thinking to solve the daily problems we faced.

In total, I've trained 20 staff members and throughout that time, I developed an onboarding and training process for the new hires (paying close attention, adjusted the process to the pace of how others learn) and utilized my design skills to create resources for the team and dentists. However, many of the same questions and issues came up regarding dental insurance jargon, provider participation with insurance networks, English being a second language for majority of the team, the lack of document organization, the increase of wasted paper (the list goes on), thus I began this personal project to help improve our efficiency as a team across 3 offices.
3 Months
My Role
UX/UI Designer
Mindmap & Research (Doc)
Concept Design
High-fidelity Designs
Wordpress Website
Custom Wordpress


I began the project with a list of questions and pain points received from the team.


  • Who will be the users of the product?
  • What experience are we trying to improve and why?
  • What pain points do we have as a team?
  • What is currently working/not working for us?

Target Audience

Front Desk (20)

Staff wants to receive notifications on site login + passwords across practice, lower paper usage of sending fax to each other, receive updates on dental insurance information in one page.

Financial Team (6)

Staff wants a better way to keep track of missing claims, balance due from patients, notification for upcoming billing grace period deadline, and a more organized workflow of managing incoming Explanation of Benefits (EOBs)

Pain Points

  • Lack of management and consistency for internal office paperwork at the dental office
  • Different versions of paperwork exists everywhere among 3 locations (computers not synced)
  • Better organization needed, quicker productivity and ways to save paper


Visualizing the Sitemap, keeping the Wordpress Template hierarchy in mind


Initial Ideation and Testing

After wireframing, I started working on the design concept of the dashboard (1.0), however there were a couple of missed properties after testing the design on the office's computer. I did not take account for the positioning of the monitors, where they are faced towards the office windows therefore receiving a lot of glare from the sunlight during the day.


Aesthetically speaking, our staff didn't care too much about the color palette or the branding of the product. They were more focused on the efficiency and usability of the site.

I spent the next 12 hours iterating on the design with a focus on scaling down the components, chose a different color palette, updated the typography, decreased all text sizes, and updated the padding:

Pivoting the Design and MVP

The product initially started to solve all of front desk paperwork management problems (ex: insurance updates. making sure all part time and full time front desk staff are updated and have the same knowledge, keeping track of missing claims etc). However, after testing the design, the team felt the focus of the site should be keeping track of provider credentialing documents instead and suggested to work on the chatroom concept.

Final Design

Next Project: NYCCTorgs